GWC was founded by auto dealers and industry professionals who understand your specific needs. GWC is a leading provider of vehicle service contracts and related finance and insurance products sold through automotive dealerships. Since 1995, GWC has built one of the few integrated platforms in the industry, providing sales and marketing, state-of-the-art claims administration, and products backed by a company with an A.M. Best rating of "A" (Excellent). GWC has been a trusted partner of over 20,000 automobile dealerships nationwide and was recently named Motor Trend ® Recommended Best Buy for Independent Dealerships




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7/6/2011 1:30 PM
written by guest blogger Westyn Hinchey, GWC Brand Manager
Rob Glander Rob Glander,
President and CEO
Mike Melby Mike Melby,
V.P. of Strategy & Business Development
Chris Barry Chris Barry,
V.P. of Sales
Paul Dreabit Paul Dreabit,
Chief Revenue Officer
Jon Couch Jon Couch,
Chief Financial Officer
Joe Brennan Joseph Brennan,
V.P. of Operations
Jeanette Bogdon Jeanette Bogdon,
V.P. of Human Resources